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Do you have an arrest or conviction on your record that is preventing you from getting a job? Don’t want people to judge you by a past mistake?

Certain arrests can be removed from your record through the expungement process. An expungement is a court order that removes the arrest or conviction from your record. While law enforcement agencies may still be able to see the arrest or conviction, the public or, more importantly, potential employers will not be able to pull up your past arrest or conviction following an expungement.

You may have an arrest expunged from your record if it was never prosecuted, if it ended in dismissal or acquittal, if you completed diversion, or if you were sentenced under either Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure Article 894 for misdemeanors or Article 893 for felonies.

There are also provisions to expunge your record if it’s been 5 years since your sentence was completed for a misdemeanor or 10 years since your sentence was completed for a felony.

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